A drow warlock with a dark pact who escaped his homeland to roam free on the surface.

  • Str: 13
  • Con: 16
  • Dex: 9
  • Int: 18
  • Wis: 13
  • Cha: 22
  • AC: 23
  • Fort: 20
  • Ref: 22
  • Will: 24
  • Initiative: +4
  • Passive Insight: 16
  • Passive Perception: 21

Romantically linked with Delphina

Kelnozz… Sorry the “MIGHTY KELNOZZ”… is new to the land of the light. While he keeps his past shrouded in darkness he has been known to jump to the defense of helpless slaves and those imprisoned by the evil forces the group face. Whether evil or good, he always seems ready to try and help save the souls of those willing to surrender, despite the rest of the parties murderous intentions for all that stood in their path.

Kelnozz has a deep bias against those of his evil race. “Never Trust a Drow” seems to be a common phrase annonced from his lips. While he is rather silent about his past and the dark pact he made in the underdark shadows he has been known to mutter a few quiet words about getting revenge one day…


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