Douven Staul

A merchant / archeologist hailing from Hammerfast.


Douven, married with children is a merchant and keen explorer of the [[Nentir Vale]].

He’d been encouraging young Rangrim to come adventuring with him but Rangrim had always declined, citing his duty as a member of the Defenders.

Douven left without him, planning to investigate legends of a dragon tomb near [[Winterhaven]].

Some time passed. Rangrim realised Douven was not coming back and set out to find him.

They found Douven being held prisoner at the dig site and were able to free him, escorting him back to [[Winterhaven]]. However the undead subsequently attacked the town and Douven was kidnapped once again, ultimately dying in the graveyard as the heroes fought to rescue him.

Douven Staul

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